Distinguished Flying Cross awarded 13 March 1944


PILOT OFFICER LOWRIE was posted to No 103 Squadron on 5th August 1943, since  when he has completed 25 sorties comprising 187.02 hours on his first operational tour.   This officer has constantly displayed an intense enthusiasm for his work, which he has always carried out with thoroughness and outstanding competence.    

He has allowed nothing, not even the fiercest enemy opposition to distract him from concentrating his great weight of bombs at the core of the enemy target and effecting its destruction.  The efficiency and calm purposefulness which he has brought to bear to achieve his objective have sprung from a courage and fortitude which have stood as a magnificent example and inspiration to his crew and to the whole Squadron.   

His coolness in the teeth of determined enemy fighter attacks and anti-aircraft fire, has enabled him to disregard the ever-present hazards and to engage the enemy more closely.



On the death of John's parents his DFC was presented to the Peebles Burgh and County High School.


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