140 Squadron
No 140 Squadron Badge
Group :     No 34 Wing, 2nd Tactical Air Force
Location : Northolt, Middelesex, 07/04/44
Balleroy, France, 03/09/44
Amiens/Gilsy, France, 15/09/44
Melsbroek, Belgium, 30/09/44 **
Aircraft : Mosquito IX, 11/43; Mosquito XVI, 02/44.


140 Squadron was equipped with the Photographic Reconnaissance version of the Mosquito suitable for both day and night photography.

The major part of the duties carried out by 140 Squadron revolved around the invasion of the coast of Northern France,  which took place on 6 June 1944 - D-Day. To this end, missions were  flown  and  photographs taken of towns in Northern France together with details of the beaches between Dunkirk and Cherbourg.

The Squadron followed the invading armies that it supported onto the mainland, moving from France to Belgium and then The Netherlands.


23-Dec-44 Enschede, Rheine Mosquito NS578
09-Jan-45 Frisian Isles East Mosquito NS578
14-Jan-45 Frisian Isles Mosquito NS563
14-Jan-45 Frisian Isles Mosquito MM395
        de Havilland Mosquito B XVI

** 01/01/1945 Raid on airfield at Melsbroek by German Air Force attacking with Me109s and Fw190s. Many Mosquito and Spitfire aircraft damaged and burnt out. Losses of 140 Squadron not listed in “Operations Record Book”. It has been written (by Asher Lee) that the Luftwaffe employed about 700 aircraft - fighters and fighter bombers - and destroyed over 150 Allied aircraft on the ground and about 40 in the air. The losses of 140 Squadron were made good by replacements the same day.


F/O J. W. Lowrie on 'ON DETACHMENT' with 69 Squadron


12/12/44 Air Sea Rescue Mission North Sea*

Wellington W885

F/O K. G. Booth (Pilot), F/Sgt C. G. Broad (both 69 Squadron)

and F/O J. W. Lowrie (140 Squadron)

[*Group Captain P. B. B. Ogilvie, DSO, DFC, Commanding Officer 34 Wing (69 and 140 Squadrons), failed to return from a 'Met' flight in a Spitfire over the North Sea on 11/12/44. Wellington W885 and one other aircraft took part in the search. Their report : Duty carried out. Creeping line ahead & whole area thoroughly covered but no dinghy seen. Weather and visibility poor near Dutch coast.]



23/01/1945   Reconnaissance Mission: Maasneil - Krüchten

Wellington NC607

F/O K. G. Booth (Pilot), F/O G. Hill, F/O J. K. Turner, F/Sgt C. G. Broad Sgt W. E. Ranger (all 69 Squadron)

and F/O J. W. Lowrie  (140 Squadron)   




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